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Your Birchall Journey

Whether you've been referred to our services or you've referred yourself, it's a big step in your journey. Each Birchall Journey is different and our hollistic approach to counselling combined with our wellbeing programme is set in place to ensure you receive the best help when you use our services. 

Below you will see the typical Birchall Journey, and it'll give you an idea of whats going to happen next after your referral. 

If you'd like to refer yourself or someone else to our services, please do HERE

Rock Balancing

Your referral goes through an internal check. Our team will check for any missing information. If something is missing, we will contact you. If everything's fine, we will get back to you within 2 working days to let you know if you're eligible for our services.

If you are not eligible for our services, we will explain why not.

We will try to sign-post you to other agencies and you can use our self-help resources.

If you are eligible for our services, we will place you on our waiting list for Counselling or Wellbeing. 

Whilst on the waiting list we will check in regularly to make sure you're ok, and still need us. You may be seen sooner if you are able to be flexible on days and times or if you can see one of our student counsellors.


Once we have matched you with a member of our team, we will text or call you to offer you a space.

When you accept the space, we will send you an information pack with your contract, as well as details of what to expect at your first session.

Polite Notice

We can't hold spaces for long, so please ensure we have your up-to-date contact information, and please reply ASAP.

If you can't take the space, you will remain on the waiting list.

At your first session, your counsellor or wellbeing practitioner will reassess your needs and work out a plan with you for your time at Birchall. 

During your time in service, we will work with you to regularly review how you are feeling. We use short questionnaires to help us do this. 

Further Information

If you are coming for pre-trial therapy, then we can only provide up to 12 sessions.


For parents/carers of children, we usually invite you to attend the first session without the child and there are opportunities for family sessions whilst your child is in service.

Once you have come to the end of your sessions, you then have the opportunity to join one of our peer support groups, or become a Birchall Ambassador.

If you have been accessing our wellbeing service and wish to have further counselling, you will return to our waiting list. 

Polite Notice

All our services are free, but we rely on donations and fundraising to provide our vital services. 

If you feel able to, please head over to our Support Us page.

Graphic Cubes

If you feel that you need additional help, see our Self-Help page for more resources:

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