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Corporate Partnerships

As a small charity every single bit of help we receive goes a long way. People help us in all sorts of ways such as donating, doing a sponsored event, and volunteering. We are always grateful to the individuals who support us in any way they can, but it is not just individuals who can make the difference – many companies & businesses are conscious of a need to contribute to a wider society.

We're better together

We welcome the chance to work with companies & businesses that share our commitment and values to empowering people affected by rape, sexual abuse, or sexualised violence to recover from their trauma so they can lead safe and fulfilling lives.

Partnering with a charity sets your business apart. It is a great way of showing your clients that your everyday values align with theirs. This has become much more important in the modern world, where consumers are more ethically conscious. Helping our charity contributes to your community.

It always boosts staff moral to have a strong partnership with a charity, be that regularly fundraising for a good cause or having staff physically assisting in the charity’s centre. When you start seeing the positive impact your work is having, you make a positive impression on those you work with and those you would like to do business with, in the future.

Working with a charity is also a way of building your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is a vital part of competitive business in the 21st Century. There is no better way of building your CSR than by working with a local charity. If your business is based in Cumbria, look no further than The Birchall Trust.

How can you help us?

There are many ways that you can help us and here are some ideas. Firstly, and most simply, donate money so we can continue to run the charity most effectively. If you run a Charity of the Year scheme, choose us so that those who are aware of you can gain an awareness of us. Finally, you could take part in or run your own fundraising event. This could be anything from a cake sale in your office to a sky dive.

We are always trying to find ways to improve ourselves as a charity and there are loads of different ways that you can help. Obviously, to a small charity like ourselves, money is always extremely useful. This could go towards items such as play therapy equipment, funding a group activity or even covering the cost of a new member of staff so as to increase the amount of people we can help.

Money isn’t the only way that you can help us. Companies and people with specialist areas of expertise are always welcome.

These aren’t the only ways you can partner with the charity, so if you have any of your own ideas, we would love to hear about them.

When working with businesses we follow best practice guidance as outlined in the Fundraising Regulator’s Charities Working with Business Code of Fundraising Practice.

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