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Education & Training

The Birchall Trust delivers specialist training courses which have been developed by our highly qualified and experienced team.

Protective Behaviours Programme

Our Feeling Safe, Standing Strong Protective Behaviours Programme aims to create a supportive environment where young people can discuss sensitive issues in a non-threatening manner that will explore and encourage:

  • What consent is

  • What safety feels like & identifying risky situations

  • Developing simple practical skills to ensure young people feel safe

  • Creating trusted networks to talk to


The programme is available to schools across South Cumbria and Lancashire aimed at year 6 and year 9 pupils.


Parent & Carers

The programme has been designed to bring together groups of parents and carers of children who have disclosed being sexually abused.


At Birchall Trust we recognise and understand the questions you might have and the variety of feelings you may experience relating to your child’s sexual abuse. The programme we offer is to help you learn about the impact of this trauma, understand your feelings and help you to regain your parenting confidence, in order to give your child, the support they need. 

The Parent Programme is about making connections in your community, being part of something on a regular basis that feels supportive by nature and may build your confidence and self-esteem, as you get to build rapport with others and share and learn from one another. 


Managing Sexualised Behaviour in Secondary Schools

Children at secondary school often:

  • spend more time unsupervised and can be greatly influenced by their peer group

  • have more exposure to social media, the internet and technology.

These factors can influence their understanding of what healthy sexual behaviour looks like.


We will work closely with your school team and teach you how to:

  • recognise which sexual behaviours are healthy and which are of concern

  • respond to incidents of sexualised behaviour

  • record incidents with accuracy and detail

  • report concerns

  • risk manage sexualised behaviour.

Math class

Staying Safe Online

The internet is an amazing place to be creative, chat with friends, and find interesting fun stuff.

Children and young people may spend a lot of time online, so it’s important to enjoy that time, and to be safe and happy.  

In this module we cover some important topics:

  • Grooming

  • Sexting (sharing images/messages) & Pornography (13+)

  • Understanding age limits & Keeping Secrets

  • Keeping personal information safe

  • Online Dating and the Dangers

  • The Law 

  • Support


Safe Relationships & Consent

The programme has been designed to inform children and young people what healthy relationships look like.


At Birchall we understand that not every child or young person has an idea of what a normal relationship looks like, and when to spot 'red flags'. The programme we offer is to help you recognise healthy and unhealthy relationships, understand your feelings and being able to understand what constitutes abuse and harassment.

Consent is a big part of this training too, as we discuss how it is always yours to give, withdraw and ask for.

In the Safe Relationships Programme, we will support you in recognising the different sources of support around you.

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