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Peer Support

One thing we have learnt from our clients over the years is that experiencing rape, childhood abuse or sexual exploitation of any kind can be a very lonely and isolating experience. Clients have often shared with us that they don’t know of anyone who has been through something similar to what they have experienced.

What can we provide?

Our peer support groups have been designed to provide a safe space for adult survivors of rape, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse as a child or in adult life to come together to talk, listen, share and learn from one another in a confidential setting.


Peer support groups are designed to be supportive and are no more than 6 to 8 people per group. We really understand how difficult it can be to join in a group situation, even despite wishing to, as it can be a little nerve wrecking. Don’t worry, our groups are a warm and friendly setting and we can even arrange for someone to meet you at the door and help you settle in on your first visit.

Peer support is not about sharing intimate details of any abuse you have experienced, you will not be asked to share any of your story or the details about that in this setting.

Peer support is there to talk about the impacts you may experience as a result of abuse and anything else you may wish to bring. They are a supportive space by nature and everyone who attends is asked to follow a set of guidelines that promote confidentiality, inclusivity and are judgement free zones!

Peer support is about making connections in your community, being part of something on a regular basis that feels supportive by nature and may build your confidence and self-esteem as you get to build rapport with others and share and learn from one another.

All we ask as a minimum is that you come with an open heart, check in at least by saying Hello and check out by saying Goodbye as a very minimum.  What you chose to contribute and share whilst in peer support is up to you, but we are certain there is lots to benefit from these spaces.

Each member will be sent our terms of reference for the peer support groups and must agree to these terms before joining. Every fortnight our facilitators will read out a condensed version of the “group contract” in session to remind everyone of the fabulously inclusive and supportive space we want this to be for everyone.

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