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Our Counselling Service

We recognise that each person using our services is an expert on their own emotional process and we aim to create an environment where people can develop trust in their own intuition and safety in a space where they can begin to explore their feelings and thoughts about their experience through counselling.


We have now developed our counselling service, with focus on our 3-stage model of; Stabilisation & Understanding, Processing & Acceptance and finally Integration & Engagement.

What can we provide?

We provide counselling sessions for survivors of rape and sexual abuse focusing on our 3-stage model.

The first stage, stabilisation & understanding, supports you to develop ways to manage your thoughts and feelings, manage the symptoms around anxiety and depression to prepare for more in-depth work in stage 2.

Our second stage, processing & acceptance, is trauma informed counselling where you are able to develop a greater understanding of yourself and awareness of your behaviours. You will learn to express your own needs and wishes and improve your self-care and compassion. Our counselling balances carefully a solution focused approach alongside a person-centred approach and we work with each individual, measuring progress as you move through the stages.

The final stage, integration & engagement, focuses on strengthening your relationships with others, developing confidence and resilience. We can offer opportunities for you to get involved in peer support groups or become a Birchall Ambassador.

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