Jenna Brown

After recently returning to the area, I was extremely keen on finding a position where I could add value to an organisation, but that also works in an area I am passionate about; and I cannot tell you how impressed I have been by the passion and commitment show by all of the team at Birchall, it is inspiring. I hope to use my skills and experience to assist in the furthering of the trust’s aspirations.

During my undergraduate degree in Criminology and Sociology,  I gravitated towards the study of interpersonal crimes, sexual violence and abuse. Whilst it is a subject area some may find uneasy, the complexities and overall injustice I felt during my studies had an incredibly deep-rooted impact. My experience as a volunteer helpline operative at Manchester Rape Crisis later provided me with a heavy hitting reality and human context to the issues. In later years I returned to University as a mature student to complete a MA in Criminal Justice, specialising in sexual violence and now I wish to do more to improve the experience of all those affected by these issues. Professionally, I am a trained Mediator and have my own small business offering mediation and dispute resolution services. I also currently work part time for a local charitable foundation.