Our Vision

At The Birchall Trust, we believe that we should live in a society that is free of rape, sexual abuse, and sexualised violence.

Our Mission Statement

The Birchall Trust empowers people affected by rape, sexual abuse, or
sexualised violence to recover from their trauma so they can lead safe and
fulfilling lives.

We cover issues including childhood abuse, child sexual exploitation, trafficking, sex workers and online abuse

We aim to meet the needs of anyone irrespective of gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, culture, or religion

Our Values

  • We are compassionate and respectful- we offer choice and work in a way that encourages people to make decisions and be in control. We work in a person-centred way and respect people’s choices and decisions. All our work is tailored to the client as an individual – we don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ service.
  • We deliver quality services – we have robust systems in place for managing, supervising, and supporting our work. Our counsellors/therapists are all qualified and work within the nationally recognised standards for the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.
  • We are trusted and effective – our services are grounded in the knowledge and skills which come from working in the sector over the last 30 years. We offer safe and confidential space to people using our services.
  • We are inclusive and accessible – deciding to contact an organisation like ours can be a stressful and hard first step. We work to ensure that approaching us is an efficient and positive experience for anyone regardless of who they are.
  • We are relevant and adaptable – we are curious and creative, willing to change what we do based on what works for those involved in our services, and what doesn’t work. We understand our data, outcomes framework and the communities in which we work. We work collaboratively – we recognise the value of working with agencies who may have an involvement in sexual abuse. We are committed to working in partnership with agencies that share our approach/values.
  • We are independent and resolute – we are uncompromising in our desire to champion the cause of survivors of sexual abuse, rape, exploitation, or sexualised violence. Our independence gives us the responsibility to be fearless to say what needs to be said to inspire others and effect change.