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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you Know? ……

1 in 6 children are sexually abused.

Childhood sexual abuse is epidemic…

Up to 7.7 million adults in the UK have suffered sexual abuse as a child. This is 15% of the adult population.

Victims of childhood sexual abuse are the largest client group that access specialist rape and sexual abuse support services. Childhood sexual abuse occurs more often and more widely than people realise.  Most childhood sexual abuse takes place in the home and the perpetrator is usually known to the victim and their family.

Rape …..

12,654 rapes were reported in 2007-8

68,156 rapes have been reported in the last 5 years

Rape of men, women and children continues to be one of the most under-disclosed and under-reported crimes. Only 20% of rapes are reported to the police. As few as one in fifteen (6%) of reported rapes will result in a conviction and victims continue to feel isolated, unsafe and under-supported in coming forward. Many victims stay silent forever.  (Survivors Trust)

Rape incurs an estimated cost of £73,000 per case in health services and lost productivity. (Tackling Sexual Violence: Guidance for Local Partnerships, June 2006, Home Office)